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Marketing March Madness!!!

If you want to start marketing your business with video, here's everything you need to get started.

If you’re not using video to market your business, you’re not going to be able to compete with those who do.

To commemorate Women’s History Month, I’m offering special pricing on everything you need to get started with video marketing. You’ll never have a better opportunity to get started.

The prices you see below are good for March only. You can schedule your session through April 30th, but you have to pay for it by March 31st.

Video Marketing

Here are some examples of how your peers are using video to market their businesses:

Tutorial videos really showcase your expertise!

Show how your business is different and why you’re worth more.

Give people a tour of your store.

Do you have anything like those videos above on your website? Or is your website is just blocks and blocks of text and maybe a couple of stock photos?

Which website are consumers more likely to spend time on (and, more importantly, spend money on): one with nothing but words, or one with some great videos that really present the value proposition of the business?

Schedule a full day recording session for $1800 or a half day for $1000. Split the cost with a friend, if you want.

I’m offering this special pricing just during March to help small business owners get started with video marketing.

Video isn’t what’s next, video is what’s now. The year is 2019. A website that’s just page after page of words isn’t good enough anymore. The marketing standard in today’s world, even for small businesses, is video marketing.

If you haven’t gotten started with video marketing yet, you’re already behind the curve and falling farther behind your competitors by the day. How long are you going to let that continue?

Learn how to record yourself

If professional videography is out of your budget, I can come to your home or office to teach you how to record marketing-grade videos of yourself.

With your smartphone, a quality light source, a microphone, and some training, you can record videos just like the ones below within the comfort of your home.

Half day training session $500 per person.

Self-study video training

If money is really tight, I offer an online course on how to get started with video marketing. It’s available for $25 and will demystify the process of making the kind of videos that help you position yourself as a subject matter expert.

The course is designed for small business owners who just need the short, simple steps to getting started with video marketing. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll learn how to make the kind of videos that will get other people talking about your business.

Video Interviews

Build your brand and expand your audience by leveraging the tried and true standard interview.

Oprah did interviews for 25 years. You see interviews on television all day, every day from the morning shows through the late night talk shows.

You see interviews all the time because they work. It’s the power of narrative. We never get tired of great stories.

How can you leverage the power of narrative to grow your business?

Interview recording sessions are available in half day or full day blocks.

The idea is to record multiple interviews in one session in order to bring the cost down and to provide you with content to deliver over a span of weeks. Batch recording is how every show you’ve ever seen on television is done because it’s an efficient use of time and it’s much cheaper.

Half day recording session (multiple camera interview): $2500 + $500 each additional interview

Half day recording session (single camera interview): $1600 + $300 each additional interview

If this is still beyond your budget, think outside the box. Who can you partner with to make a video that will generate more revenue for each of you than what it cost to make?

That’s what marketing is all about…investing money in something that will bring you back more money than it cost.

Commercial Photography

Need marketing-grade images of your business for your website?

For most businesses, during this March Marketing Madness promotion, I’ll be able to create what you need within a one-hour session for $800.

Again, this is not something you should be doing just to do it. This is a marketing expense and you should have a plan for how these images will bring you more revenue than they cost.

Absent such a plan, even a $100 session fee would not be money well spent because if you spend $100 with no plan for how it’s going to bring you back $300, then you’re just squandering your marketing budget in smaller increments.


Most people use an “okay” headshot for several years. For how many years will you use a great one?

If you’re serious about branding your business, a great headshot is one of the highest mileage and, therefore, least expensive marketing tools available to you.

A bad profile picture can immediately disqualify you from opportunities without you ever even finding out. Being cheap is costly.

Headshot Triptych v1_Lenzy_Ruffin_Photography_Washington_DC.png

Individual rate: $500 for a 30-minute session with up to two outfits in total.

Group rate: $300 per person, four person minimum. One outfit per person.

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