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Video Marketing Workshop Notes

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How To Develop Your Video Marketing Strategy 

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Content Marketing / Strategic Partnerships

The video below is an example of two marketing strategies that you may want to incorporate into your business: content marketing and strategic partnerships.

That’s just one episode of a weekly video series I created to regularly put me in front of my target audience (mothers with young children) for my Family Lifestyle photography business.

Strategic Partnership

The two co-hosts are the owner of a nanny / babysitter agency (a very popular service with my target audience) and the owner of a toddler music education company (another very popular service with my target audience).

All three of us share the same target audience and with this video series, we publish an interview each week with different business owners who share our target audience. This puts us in front of our target audience regularly without the messaging always being “buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff.”

Content Marketing

Nobody wants to be sold to all the time, so as business owners, we have to find ways to stay in front of our target audience without annoying them. Content marketing is one strategy for achieving that.

With each interview, we reach into that business owner’s network, which is an audience that may not have been aware of us before. We’re all working together (strategic partnership) to produce content (content marketing) that is valuable to our shared target audience.

You can do the same thing. There is a variation of this that you can do in your business, if this style of marketing appeals to you and you can find the right people to work with. It can be as simple as you using your smartphone to record yourself interviewing someone each week.

If you want to see more of the District Family series, you can click here to check out all the episodes.


Everything you’ve read up to this point is about marketing.

Sales and marketing are not the same thing.

Marketing is how you make people aware that you exist. Sales is how you close the deal when your marketing efforts get people to contact you for more information.

A great marketing system and a poor sales process can result in you blowing opportunities that should have resulted in revenue.

If you need help with sales, connect with Thomas Ellis on LinkedIn. He’s always sharing great sales tips and he provides sales coaching for individuals and organizations.

If you think sales is a bad word, you really should have a conversation with Thomas. Sales done correctly is about helping people by presenting them with a solution to a problem they have. It has nothing to do with trying to sell people things they don’t need.

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Additional Reading

Just in case this wasn’t enough, here is an additional resource page I put together for small business owners.

Hopefully, somewhere in all this, I’ve shared something that will help you be successful in achieving your business objectives.